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Updated on March 28, 2018

The Privacy Policy of enlaceamexico.com describes how linksamexico.com treats the personal information and information provided when you use the servicios de enlacesamexico.com. The specific privacy practices of enlaceamexico.com are also described below. To understand how we treat the information provided to us by using linksamexico.com, it is necessary to read this privacy policy.

Personal information

  • Activity without an account You can see the contents of our directory and rate the sites without having an account at linksamexico.com. You can also contact us if you have any questions without having a linkamexico.com account.
  • Activity with account. Other activities on linksamexico.com, such as the edition of the information of the links, require an account of enlacesamexico.com. For this, we request some personal information when creating these accounts, including the email address and a password, which are used to protect your account against unauthorized access.
  • Information of use. We may record user usage information, such as the time you use linksamexico.com, the categories you visit, as well as the information you see or click on linksamexico.com (including user interface elements) , configuration options and other types of information). We can use transparent GIFs (also called “network interceptors”) in HTML-based e-mail messages sent to our users to track e-mail messages that are opened by recipients.
  • Content uploaded to the site. Any content, image or personal information that you voluntarily disclose through the Internet (in your link, in the comments of links and messages, etc.) will be available to any Internet user and may be collected and used by other people.


  • If you send us personally identifiable information through the sites of linksamexico.com, we will use this information to operate, maintain and offer you the general and customized functions and utilities of the linksamexico.com sites, as well as to process any marking or correspondence activity to send us.
  • Other users will see your account name and your email account when you post a link and other users will be able to contact you through messages and comments. Any comments that you send to the links of enlacesamexico.com, may be redistributed through the Internet and other communication channels and be seen by the general public.
  • We do not use your email address or other personally identifiable information to send you commercial or advertising messages without your consent, unless they are part of a specific function or type of program for which you have the option of inclusion or exclusion. However, we may use your email address without your consent for administrative purposes not related to advertising (such as notifying you of relevant changes on the Linksamexico.com site or as part of customer service).
  • We use your personally identifiable information and some data that does not allow personal identification (such as anonymous user use data, cookies, IP addresses, browser type, click tracking data, etc.) to improve the quality and design of the enlaceamexico.com sites and to create new tools, promotions, functions and services through the storage, tracking, analysis and processing of trends and preferences of users, as well as their activities and communications.

Your options

  • Of course, you may refuse to send personally identifiable information through the linksamexico.com sites, in which case you may continue to use the sitiosamexico.com sites. Linking functions of linksamexico.com require registration for authentication purposes. The privacy notifications of these services govern the use of the personal information of the user associated with them.
  • You can update or correct your link information and your email preferences at any time. To do this, visit the comment page of your link.

External advertisers, links to other sites

Linksamexico.com allows other companies, called ad networks or external ad servers, to display ads on the LinksAxico.com sites. These ad networks and external ad servers use technology to send, directly to your browser, the ads and links that appear on the linksamexico.com sites. When this happens, they automatically receive your IP address. They can also use other technologies (for example, cookies, JavaScript or network interceptors) to evaluate the effectiveness of their ads and to customize the content of the ad that the user will see.
Linksamexico.com will not provide any personally identifiable information to these ad networks or to these external ad servers, unless you do so with your consent or as part of a specific function or program in which you have the option to include or exclusion. Keep in mind, however, that if an advertiser requests linksamexico.com to show an advertisement to a specific audience (for example, men between 18 and 34 years old) or audience segment (for example, men between 18 and 24) years that you have seen certain content channels) and you respond to that ad, the advertiser or the ad server can understand that your profile fits the description of the audience you intend to reach.
You should consult the corresponding privacy policies of these ad networks or external ad servers (see links below) for more information about their practices and for instructions on how to exclude yourself from certain activities. The privacy policy of enlacesamexico.com does not apply to these advertisers or external websites, nor can we control their activities. 
Linksamexico.com currently maintains relationships with the ad networks or external ad servers that appear below: