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A holiday break means two things for me- a vacation and a best friend. You might not know it, but with a holiday break, you will also be traveling to a great location. You will need to know the tips on how to make the best holiday break possible. I will highlight some of the more important ones for you.

Where To Go

You should consider booking your holiday break close to an ocean. If you are six feet tall and have swimming skills, you will love yourself even more on the beaches of Florida, California, or even Hawaii. You can also go to a nearby state if you have golfing skills. You should look into the Off-Over-Bay or Florida or California. A holiday break should be fun, lively, and adventurous. Anything less than a fantastic experience will probably ruin the fun of it all.

How To Get There

You can go to a nearby port or to an international airport and rent a car. A friend of mine from California rented a massive car that cost him about $200. It was the best value she could get. You should also think about booking a flight. My sister-in-law used to send us pictures of her car sitting in the air because it was so huge! If you are flying, you should fly into a major city like Miami, LAX, Houston, or San Francisco and rent a car or a plane. Car rental is more expensive, so you will want to make sure you drive yourself and not have a friend or relative drive you around. (This may be OK if you are going to a small local city, but what happens in Vegas, does in Orlando or Cancun.)

Places To Stay

You should definitely stay in a beachfront condo or home instead of a hotel. Hotels can be very expensive. A beachfront condo will be a lot less expensive, but your accommodations will not be quite as luxurious. Still, it’s probably worth giving up Nestle’s or Sheraton’s if you think better of your holiday break experience. You will get a great view of the beach and probably spray the chair around a few times too.

What To Do

There are plenty of things to do. Some of the things you should not miss include taking a stroll along the beach, surfing down to the end of the pier, visiting a local museum, or visiting one of the beachfront restaurants. You should definitely visit the beachfront restaurants. Those places usually have great food, great music and are very affordable.

Out of the Water

Don’t forget to sign up for Florida’s scuba diving and snorkeling tour the day before you go. You will love this. Purchasing a flotation tank and using it will be a great memory in your holiday break history. You should also take the divemasters course. Take advantage of this opportunity to gain insight and knowledge on the sport of scuba diving. You will become knowledgeable on the modes of landings, maintenance, anchoring, and rappelling, and even a sub-aqua park.

Night Life

Nightlife is always an important part of your holiday break experience. Check with your hotel for dinner or clubs. You will definitely fall in love with the diverse dining establishments and travel to new places in the area. Whether you are traveling with your friends or with your family, you will not be disappointed with the nightlife opportunities in Orlando.


You can choose from a variety of casual dining establishments in the area. If you are feeling a little more expensive, many of the bars and restaurants can be found in the area. Ask the locals what works best for you. Enjoy a nice meal in a chic atmosphere.

Things To Do

The weather is warm and sunny throughout March and April. Put on a pair of colorful short sleeve shirts, comfortable breeches, and perhaps a casual cardigan. It will be much better to go to dinner at night. You can explore and hang out with your friends at the bed and breakfast spots in the area. Some of these establishments can be found in Old Town. If you are visiting Orlando during the month of March, be sure to visit the SeaWorld Orlando Animal Rescue and Bilgees Boathouse. The Animal Rescue and Bilgees Boathouse is one of the top Galapagos Travel attractions. Visit SeaWorld Orlando and sign up for the bird watch program. You will see hundreds of birds and some of them are trained to rescue swimmers.

After enjoying the day by the water, you can go hiking in the area.SeaWorld’s AquaticaAnother amazing place to visit is SeaWorld’s Aquatica. The park is home to a wide variety of marine animals. The park has rides and a show facility.